Services & Solutions

Project Coordination and Management :
  • Preliminary studies
  • Preliminary and detailed design studies
  • Tender documents
  • Assistance with works contracts
  • Supervision of works
  • Design and Build projects
As Project coordinator, Mr. Ram Kumar Sunkara will be responsible for :
  • The overall progress of the project
  • Meeting of milestones and deliverables
  • Ensuring high quality of output is achieved
  • Meeting the contractual obligations of the project in relation to reporting and other issues that may arise
  • Overall planning of the project
  • Organisation, chairmanship and reporting of progress meetings and technical meetings
  • Maximizing the dissemination activities of the project required to optimize its impact
  • Resolving any conflict that arises in the project, through discussions with the relevant parties
Management of work-packages :

Responsibility for achieving the objectives of the Work-packages in the project will be shared between the project partners. The role of the Work-package Managers will be to :

  • Plan and organize the work required
  • Ensure the work is progressing at the rate required to achieve the milestones and deliverables envisaged
  • Ensure good communication between partners and industrial collaborators
  • Monitor the quality of work and of material
  • Carry out technical work as envisaged in the work packages
  • Provide written reports to the Project Co-coordinator as required
Day to day communication :

E-mail will be the preferred method for communication between partners on day to day matters, although telephone and fax will also be used as appropriate. All project partners will file written communications as a record of correspondence.

Project Coordination / Commissioning :

Integrated Innovations also specializes in Mechanical and Electrical Systems project coordination and management, including verification and commissioning of all related systems. We have extensive experience in all areas of mechanical, electrical, and Process control systems, which enables us to customize commissioning procedures for each project. Several years of assessing, installing, and servicing large Automatic plants has allowed us to encounter many common issues, which has provided a strong technical knowledge base to all our technicians.

Our company provides the following project services :
  • Project Management
  • Project Mechanical, Electrical, and Controls coordination
  • 3rd Party commissioning
  • Consulting / Pre-engineering of Mechanical, Electrical, and Control systems

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